S4/5 Coursing

Helping you make course choices for S5/6

Course Information Booklets

The links below to the S4/5 Course Information Booklets will provide further information about specific course content and how this links to potential career aspirations.

S5 Course Information

S6 Course Information

Course Option Form


The link below to the S5/6 Course Option Form.

Course Option Form 

Edinburgh School/College Partnership Courses 

Information on the School College Partnership is attached, this is mainly for pupils moving into S6, these courses take place on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. Pupils should speak to their Year Head and Louise Winser (School Careers Advisor) prior to making any application.

School/College Partnership Course Guide

Course offer for School/College Partnership

Course Choice FAQs

We have created a Frequently Asked Questions document comprised of common questions related to coursing. Parents/carers had an opportunity to submit questions previously and school has analysed these before creating this document.


Pathways Booklet 

The file below is the Pathways Booklet, it offers information to help support our learners make informed choices about reaching positive and sustained destinations.

Pathways Booklet