1:1 Digital Devices

As part of an ambitious and inclusive education strategy, Edinburgh Learns for Life aims to create a world class learning city where everyone’s skills, knowledge, creativity and relationships with people and places are equally valued. To create an environment of collaboration that inspires connections, improves wellbeing and reduces poverty.

Edinburgh Learns for Life Vision

A fairer, healthier, greener future for everyone, where learning for life happens atschool, in the wider community, at home and in the workplace.

Edinburgh Learns for Life Goals

Transform – We will provide inclusive, equitable, valuable learning opportunities for everyone.

Connect – We will use a place based approach to build collaborative and sustainable learning communities and networks.

Empower – We will co-create the environments where learners can lead and shape their own learning.

Pupils given iPads to enhance learning experiences digitally.

Key elements of the Empowered Learning Programme will see a phased roll out out of all the devices completed by the end of 2022, expanding the wireless connectivity in schools by providing wireless access and a comprehensive programme of professional learning for students and teachers.

BenefitsĀ  for young people include:

  • Fair and equal access from P6 to S6, ensuring all pupils have personal access to digital learning with their teacher in school or at home
  • Effective digital workflow to increase engagement, improve teacher feedback and raise attainment
  • A range of innovative accessibility features to improve access to the curriculum for pupils with additional support needs
  • Pupils can work online simultaneously in a class or collaboratively outside the classroom
  • High quality digital applications for productivity and creativity, providing more ways to personalise and choose how they learn
  • Development of learning, thinking and digital literacy skills vital for success in today’s rapidly evolving, technological society

Empowered Learning Downloads

Here are the essential documents for the Empowered Learning Programme. Please ensure your child has returned them to the school.

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