Religious Education at Holy Rood RC High School

“Help your children become human. Reading, writing, and arithmetic are important only if they serve to make our children more human.”

– Haim Ginott – Holocaust Survivor –

Pupils in RE are following the National ‘This is our Faith’ Curriculum syllabus for Roman Catholic Schools. Pupils are invited to grow in knowledge, understanding of faith and / or appreciation of faith developing a deeper awareness of other religions.

Pupils are given opportunities for personal  reflection and for a variety of expressions of faith, including participation in liturgies, in order to grow in every aspect of their being. The skills and attributed developed are knowledge and understanding, evaluation, creativity, empathy and reflection.


Mrs McMeeking – Curriculum Leader

Mr Cybulski

Mr Gilhooley

Mrs Ozdemir

Subjects & Levels Offered

BGE Religious

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National courses reflect the Curriculum for Excellence values, purposes and principles. They offer flexibility, provide more time for learning, more focus on skills and applying learning, and scope for personalisation and choice.

Religion, Belief and Values SCQF Level 4

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The Religion, Belief and Values Award helps learners to deepen their knowledge and understanding of how religion and values can shape and contribute to the lives of individuals and communities. The award encourages learners to explore and reflect on their personal faith and values.

Religion, Beliefs and Values with Caritas Award

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The caritas award recognises that some are already active and committed within their homes, parishes and dioceses and it invites others to respond to God’s call of love. It supports and celebrates the faith witness which young people give within their communities.

Development of Skills and Attributes in RE

Two hands reaching out for support. This is the foundation of what the religious education department will achieve.

At Holy Rood we make sure that every pupil has opportunities to develop the knowledge, skills and attributes they need to adapt, think critically and flourish in today’s world.

As RE teachers, we believe that there is much more to education than just having great knowledge or being excellent at reading, writing and dealing with numbers. We believe that as human beings created and loved by God we are much mre than just how much we know or how skilled we are.

As much as we are dedicated to teach young people skills for work and further education, we also want to make sure that they are able to build a community based on the Gospel values of respect for life, love, solidarity, truth, justice and compassion.

A community where people respect each other’s beliefs and points of view and are able to share their love with others without expecting anything in return. It is essential that pupils are able to live their life to the fullest and develop as a whole person, intellectually, morally and spiritually.

We teach our pupils skills and knowledge in a way that supports them with building positive relationships with others.

SKILLS: Being good at something

  1. Working well with others
  2. Negotiating
  3. Helping / supporting others
  4. Artistic skill
  5. Making decisions
  6. Creating new ideas
  7. Caring for others
  8. Problem solving
  9. Locating information
  10. Communicating your ideas in writing / speaking

ATTRIBUTES: A quality or feature of someone

  1. Accepting yourself and others
  2. Caring for yourself and others
  3. Respect yourself and others
  4. Respect for others’ opinions and beliefs
  5. Having the courage to challenge injustice
  6. Being in service to others
  7. Being disciplined
  8. Sharing love
  9. Build positive relationships
  10. Willing to resolve internal / external conflicts

Career Opportunities

A background in Religious Education will support you in the following career options:

RE Teacher, Higher education lecturer, Primary school teacher, Chaplain, Risk Consultant, Drug safety scientific director, Advice worker, Archivist, Charity fundraiser, charity officer, Civil service administrator, Community development worker, Equality, Diversity and inclusion officer, Mediator, Newspaper journalist, Solicitor, Youth worker and Community development worker.