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S4 Parent/Carer Learning Information

To support you in discussing aspects of your child’s learning please find a summary of areas being covered and skills being developed, for each subject, during Term One.

S4 Course Information



S4 Prelim Timetable – November 2022

Please click on the links below to view the updated version of the S4 Prelim Timetable (including locations) and the Examination Protocol.


S4 Prelim Timetable

November 2022

Examination Protocol


At Holy Rood, we are committed to helping all pupils reach their full potential. As an added strategy to ensure examination success and therefore a sustained positive destination, some pupil have been assigned a Mentor. Please read the letter below to find out more infomation regarding the programme. 


Parental letter – Mentoring Programme 

The file below is the S4 Assessment Block Timetable.

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