Social Subjects at Holy Rood RC High School

There are several subjects offered across the social subjects faculty at a variety of levels as we endeavour to have a course to suit everyone!

Our courses develop generic thinking skills and basic knowledge and understanding within social subjects (Geography, History, Modern Studies, Classical Studies). Pupils develop their understanding of the world by considering other people and their values and beliefs, in different times, places and circumstances.

The skills, knowledge and understanding developed in social subjects also support learning in other faculties such as DET, computing, food, textile, technology, science and social studies.

A wide range of literacy and numeracy skills are developed along witht he ability to work independently and in groups. Pupils are often asked to analyse data, research topics and present findings.


Ms Kirsty Liggins – Curriculum Leader

Mr Dominic Shaikh

Mr Andrew Gray

Mrs Rachel Jackson

Ms Megan Croall

Ms Natalie Kane

Subjects & Levels Offered

National 2 Social Subjects

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National courses reflect the Curriculum for Excellence values, purposes and principles. They offer flexibility, provide more time for learning, more focus on skills and applying learning, and scope for personalisation and choice.

The National 2 Social Subjects Course builds on the principles and practices and the experience and outcomes of the social studies and the religious and moral education curriculum areas.

This course provides a flexible framework to enable learners to develop generic thinking skills and basic knowledge and understanding within the context of social subjects (Geography, History, Modern Studies, Classical Studies) and/or religious moral and philosophical studies.

Career Opportunities

There are lots of opportunities for work and further study within the Social Subjects curriculum.

Geography Careers – Careers in areas of work such as Estate Agent, Tourism, Conservation, Travel Ageent, Geology and Social Care.

Geography – Geography is considered as a ‘facilitating subject’ by colleges and Universities. It is recognised as an art and a science.

History Careers – Careers are offered in areas such as teaching, research and tourism.

Modern Studies Careers – Careers are available in Law, Politics, International Relations, Social Work and Community Support.

Modern Studies – Include University courses in Psychology, Sociology, Law, Politics and other Social Subjects.

People & Society Careers – Careers in areas of work such as Teaching, Politics, Local Government and Social Care.

People & Society – Completion of this course could support progression towards National 4/5 in another Social Subject or College/University courses.

Criminology – Further study and careers in areas such as Criminology, Police Studies, Law, Sociology and Psychology.

Travel & Tourism – Is a skill for works course with clear vocational advantages. Careers in many areas include but not limited to Travel, Hospitality, Tourism, Conservation and Travel Agent.