Welcome to the Library at Holy Rood RC High School

The library not only holds over 10,000 titles but if there is a book that you can’t find on the shelves here, Ms. McCabe promises to find it for you from somewhere else.

The library delivers information literacy skills through first and second year science classes and houses the study club on a Tuesday after school from 3:25 to 4:30 PM.

The library is open before school, during school and after school. The only break time the library is NOT open is on a Tuesday.


Ms R McCabe  РLibrarian

Ms L Winser –¬†Careers

Subjects & Levels Offered

The Broad General Education information and literacy skills taught to S1 and S2 classes via the science faculty.

Literacy support in the provision of information and fiction resources for all pupils through BGE class visits and individual advisory services from S4 onwards.

The reading Award scheme which monitors the level of pupils’ reading progress throughout S1 and S2 ensuring that as many pupils as possible have the literacy skill to cope with certificated lessons from S3 onwards.

AH English search strategy lessons to assist with academic writing, (specificially the compiling of bibliographies) and help with dissertation choices annually in June.

Through the lessons taught in First and Second year science classes the library teaches digital literacy helping learners to navigate the digital information landscape effectively and ethically. The library provides access to careers information and houses the careers development advisor, Louise Winser.

The library supports SDS in organising appointments and provides a digital area in which Louise can advise pupils as to appropriate further education opportunities.

Career Opportunities


Every career needs literacy and communication skills!

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