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Welcome to the Parent and Carer Zone

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The City of Edinburgh Council has implemented Microsoft’s office365 throughout all the schools in the city.

All of our students benefit from easy access to their school email accounts, free cloud storage, shared calendars, the full Microsoft Office suite and a cloud based study area: Office365 SharePoint Sites. This study area has been introduced to the students and all of the learning and teaching resources that they have access to in school, are available to them anywhere, whenever they need them.

Students only need access to a browser (Internet Explorer/Safari/Firefox/Chrome) in order to visit office365.edin.org, when they reach this location they simply input their SCN number and normal school password.

HMIE Report

This link will take you to the last report from HMIE

Skills Development Scotland

Use this link for Skills Development Scotland


Use this link to visit the main SQA site


Holy Rood has a long standing relationship with Lombeta Secondary School in Northern Tanzania.


Visit here for more information on our Chaplaincy team


Use this link for our Fair Trade Group and our Eco schools initiative


Visit here for our Careers and Positive Destinations areas


Parents are asked to co-operate with the school in encouraging the wearing of the school uniform. At Holy Rood, we take a pride in our school and expect our pupils to share that pride by wearing our school uniform. In this way, we show that the school is a place of work, that we are a community with a common purpose, and that our community has high standards. We want these facts to be visible to visitors, to employers, and to the community at large.

Our smart and simple uniform consists of:–

·           White school shirt/blouse
·           School tie
·           Plain black school skirt or trousers
·           Black jumper/cardigan
·           Black shoes
·           Dark outer jacket/coat
·           Blazers for S5/6

There is also a practical and economical Physical Education kit:–
• Top with school badge
• Shorts
• Training shoes

We have been greatly encouraged by the positive attitude of parents and pupils to the wearing of school uniform in recent years. It is clear that the vast majority of parents support the wearing of uniform, and pupils are happy to identify with their school.
School ties can be bought from the school office throughout the year. The PE kit will be on sale from PE staff during the first week
of term. Wearing school uniform contributes to a positive school ethos and helps avoid discrimination and reduces peer pressure
to wear expensive designer clothing. School security will be improved as it will be easier to identify intruders. Please help us by ensuring that pupils do not bring valuable or expensive items of clothing to school.

If you have any queries regarding the school dress code please contact the school office.


Menus offer healthy and tasty meal options which are in keeping with the Scottish Government food and drink legal requirements for school lunches. Special diets and allergies can be accommodated subject to consultation with parents/ guardians and the school catering service.
Meal prices are reviewed annually. Please contact the school to be advised of the current price.
Examples from recent menus include:–
• cheese, leak and potato pie
• chicken curry
• sweet and sour pork
• fresh fruit salad
• flavoured mineral water and fresh fruit juice
• and many other delights.
Your son/daughter will be issued with a cashless catering card which she will use in the school dining hall at break and lunch time. Pupils can also have access to a breakfast prior to the start of the school day from 8.00am. Toast, cereal, fruit juice and yoghurt are available from the menu.
As part of our drive to promote healthy life styles, we have installed a large number of chilled water fountains around the school. Pupils will be encouraged to drink water in class throughout the day. There are no fizzy sugar drinks, sweets or crisps available for sale in school.

Please contact the school directly if you have any questions.


Education Scotland website for parents ‘Parentzone has a number of support materials for parent/carers of children sitting exams including :

1. Preparing your child for exams

2. Managing their time

3. Getting organised

4. Tips to encourage studying

5. Keeping well

6. Useful websites (including revision materials)


There are twelve faculties at Holy Rood RC High School:

Design, Engineering, Technology
English and Literacy
Expressive Arts
Food and Textile Technology
ICT and Employability
Maths and Numeracy
Modern Languages
Social Subjects
Support for Pupils
Physical Education
Religious and Moral Education


The school is delivering Curriculum for Excellence and works with a number of partner agencies and governing bodies in doing so. Not least of all the Scottish Qualification Authority. Their website carries a large amount of both general and more specific information that will be of interest to parents and carers.


The National Parent Forum of Scotland has prepared a series of revision support materials for learners who are about to sit the new National 5 qualifications. The Revision in a Nutshell subject guides are designed to complement learning and revision in the classroom. Either visit www.parentforumscotland.org and click on the ‘For Learners’ tab or use this direct Revision Guide


Many pupils experience some difficulty with their learning from time to time. Our aim is to enhance the self-confidence of those pupils with whom Support for Learning staff work and support them to develop strategies which will give them greater success in the classroom and beyond.


Support for Learning faculty, teachers and Pupil Support Assistants, work with pupils in classes to support them. More targeted support may be required at times which can be provided through staff working with small groups of pupils, or individuals, using resources targeted to meet their learning needs.

Staff also ensure that pupils can access appropriate additional support for assessments at all stages, and particularly with SQA assessments and examinations, including prelim exams, in S4 – S6.


An additional support need comes from anything which is a barrier to learning. Most or all schools will have some children with additional support needs of some kind. The education authority has a legal responsibility towards pupils with additional support needs. Information about this is contained in a publication called In On The Act : Information For The General Public which is published on the education authority website at www.edinburgh.gov.uk/inontheact – or contact the City of Edinburgh Additional Support for Learning Team on telephone number 0131 469 3444.

The school is well supported by specialists employed by the Authority to work with pupils with additional support needs, e.g., English as an Additional Language or the Visiting Teaching Support Service – Hearing Impaired or Visually Impaired.


Pupil Support at Holy Rood High School is designed to provide an integrated and planned approach to ensure that each pupil is known and valued and has his or her needs met. The Pupil Support Team work within the GIRFEC framework to ensure that they Get It Right for Every Child.

The school operates a horizontal Pupil Support System which is organised around year groups. Each year is led by a Pupil Support Leader (Year Head). Within each year group, the Year Head has responsibility for the personal, curricular, vocational and social development of the pupil’s progress, in addition to offering personal counselling and pastoral care. To ensure each pupil achieves their full potential, Year Heads liaise regularly with teachers, parents and, where necessary, appropriate agencies from the wider community. Year Heads also:

  • Deliver assemblies which reinforce the school aims through the Mission Statement
    Support and challenge children, staff, parents when required
  • Provide opportunities to celebrate achievement
  • Engage parents/carers in Promoting Positive Behaviour and a good school ethos
  • Engage Partner Agencies for additional advice and/or help

Please contact the appropriate Year Head if you would like to discuss any concerns regarding your child’s welfare or progress.


Partnership Services work closely within the Pupil Support Team in school to support any pupil (S1-S6) encountering social, emotional, behavioural, family or health problems.
Examples of the support that can be provided include:

  • Advice from our Chaplaincy Team
  • Counselling services for pupils through partnership agencies
  • Group work for identified pupil needs
  • Support Base time for students who require an alternative curriculum
  • Self-referral support for pupils during the day where there is a medical or personal issue
  • Support with college/work applications and placement
  • Working with further support agencies

Partnership services include Psychological Services, Educational Welfare Service, Community Learning Development, Barnardo’s, Castle Project and other agencies as and when is required to support the children.