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Holy Rood Chaplaincy

Information for Parents

As a Catholic school, Holy Rood endeavours to attend to the spiritual, emotional and social needs of pupils as well as delivering a high standard of learning and teaching. As such, the school has a Chaplaincy Team dedicated to serving the spiritual, emotional and social needs that arise within our school community. The Chaplain, as a faith presence, committed to the values of Christ, and on behalf of the church, is available to accompany individuals on their journey through life.

The Chaplaincy Team at Holy Rood operates alongside other visiting services and Year Heads in meeting the needs of our young people and contributing to the creation of school policy. The Chaplaincy Team consists of members of staff and Priests and Religious Sisters from local Parishes.

At Holy Rood, our Chaplains see it as essential to provide and participate in experiences that support the growth and development of our students and to afford staff and students the opportunity to reflect together on life and to celebrate as individuals and as a community. Activities across the school include Liturgies, retreats, blessings for exam candidates, liturgical celebrations at times of transition, fund raising events etc.

Chaplains work with young people on a one-to-one basis, providing faith formation or support. Chaplains maintain confidentiality (except in cases where child protection issues are raised) and when accessed they are there to listen, to comfort, to support and to celebrate with the young person. Young people are accompanied through bereavement, exam stress, and family issues, when facing crossroads in their lives, at times of confusion and frustration and with friendship issues to name but a few circumstances.

The religious observance policy for Holy Rood RC High school can be accessed here:

Holy Rood High School Religious Observance policy