About Holy Rood RC High School

Holy Rood RC High School is a Roman Catholic secondary school situated on the edge of Holyrood Park, near St. Arthur’s Seat beside Duddingston village, in Edinburgh.

The original Holy Rood RC High School was opened in 1971, when it replaced St. Anthony’s secondary school. The current school building was officially opened in September 2009 with the original 1970s build being demolished.

Holy Rood’s Mission Statement


We, the community of Holy Rood High School, Inspired and helped by the holy spirit, Aim to work together to build an inclusive community based on the Christian values of Love, Forgiveness and Justice. In doing so, we hope to promote the spiritual, intellectual, moral, physical, emotional wellbeing and social development of everyone in our school community.

We aim in our relationships to show the highest level of care and compassion for one another based on mutual respect and support. We recognise, respect and celebrate the wonderful religious, cultural and social diversity we have within our school community. We will celebrate and give thanks for each other, especially in prayer and in the Eucharist.

We aim to deliver high standards of effective learning and teaching, in a supportive and nourishing environment to enable all pupils to develop positive attitudes towards learning, achieve their full potential, develop self worth and build the resilience and self awareness required for life. We will provide the pastoral and chaplaincy support which underpins academic achievement for all.

We aim to strengthen our relationship with the families, parishes, primaries and the local and global communities we are part of, to enable us to enrich the experiences that we offer our pupils and to celebrate and share our pupils’ gifts, talents and successes for the benefit of others.

We aim to provide high quality leadership at all levels in our school community.

We aim to offer everyone who comes to our school generous hospitality and a welcome that reflects our vision of the God-given dignity of all.

School Prayer

God, source of all life and goodness,
We place before you the concerns of our heart today. Together, we look to your inspiration of love and forgiveness in all our relationships.
May we see in ourselves and each other what you see in us.

Jesus, you triumphed over death on the cross to new life.
Give us courage and strength to overcome the personal challenges we face in life.

We give thanks for all our school which unites
us in our differences and surrounds us with the beauty of your creation and for the many opportunities we have which allow us to commit ourselves to bring justice to our world.

May we give our daily best to act justly, love tenderly and walk humbly with you and trust that we will forever have Spes Nostra.