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S4/5 Coursing

Helping you make course choices for S5/6

Resources and Links
for S4/5 Course Choices

This S4/5 Course Choice Information Virtual Presentation has been created to support you and your child through the course choice process.

The links below to the S4/5 Course Information Booklets will provide further information about specific course content and how this links to potential career aspirations.

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S5 Courses
S6 Courses

The file below is the Pathways Booklet, it offers information to help support our learners make informed choices about reaching positive and sustained destinations.

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Pathways Booklet



Course Choice Survey

The link below is for a Microsoft Forms Survey that allows S4 and S5 pupils to complete their course choice for session 21/22. This survey must be completed by all S4 and S5 pupils who intend returning to school for session 21/22. The survey below will allow you to select your courses for next session and must be completed by Friday 26 February

We have created a Frequently Asked Questions document comprised of common questions related to coursing. Parents/carers had an opportunity to submit questions previously and school has analysed these before creating this document.