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S6 Pupils – UCAS Workshop
There will be a UCAS Workshop held for all S6 pupils applying to University. This session will be aimed at supporting pupils with their personal statements. Year Heads will be available in the Assembly Hall on:

  • Thursday 19th November Period 5
  • Friday 20th November Period 2

Pupils should bring along their draft copies of their personal statements for Year Heads to read and advice will be offered on how to improve.

S5 & S6 Pupils
Could you please send anyone who is considering a career in medicine to my office at tutor.

S1 – S6 Pupils
For this week and until further notice, the Library will be open at break and lunchtime for specific year groups only and the schedule looks like this:

Monday break and lunch – S1 pupils only

Tuesday break and lunch – S2 pupils only

Wednesday break and lunch – S3 pupils only

Thursday break and lunch – S4 pupils only

Friday break – S5 and S6 pupils only

Clearly this disadvantages Seniors disproportionally and Ms. McCabe is very aware of this. She would hope to rectify the situation soon.  But at the present time, this is what Library access looks like over break and lunch.

Keep well, keep reading, keep happy!”

Many thanks all.  Follow the advice yourselves in the last sentence!