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Tutors please read out the sections of this bulletin relevant to your Tutor Group, then continue with the planned Tutor Time Programme.

Many thanks
Joan Daly

Remembrance Day
Please note the school bell will ring at 10.58 and 11.00 on Wednesday 11 November to mark Remembrance Day.

S4-6 Pupils
Supported Study classes for S4-6 pupils will begin next week (16 November). You can collect a Supported Study timetable from your Tutor Teacher. If you would like to attend a class, please see the teacher in advance and sign up with them for the class. Numbers will be limited so please do not turn up for a class after school unless you have been given a place.

Bus tokens will be available for those pupils that require them to get home after school.

All Pupils
Physical Education

  • PE KIT will be available to purchase for S1 from Mon-Wed in the assembly hall, during lunch.
  • PE KIT will be available to purchase for all others on Thursday in the assembly hall, during lunch.
  • If pupils could be asked to bring the correct change that would be helpful.
  • The kit comprises of shorts, and T shirt (with school badge) . Both items cost £6.50 each, with a combined cost of £13.00

S1 Pupils
Please could you make your class aware that the S1 Worry box has moved from reception to outside the Year Head offices. This will hopefully make it more discreet for messages to be placed in the box.