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Dear Parents/Carers

On Wednesday this week, we celebrated our Feast Day Mass with Father Jock and our S6 Caritas pupils. Despite the restrictions in numbers, pupils throughout the school were able to participate in the celebration thanks to the Tutor Time activities.  As a community of faith and learning, the gospel values of love, forgiveness and justice are at the very core of what we do and how we are with each other.  On the Feast Day we were invited to reflect on what we have done to action forgiveness and live it out in school or to consider the impact of someone else doing something forgiving towards us – this reflection will continue in RE lessons.

School Uniform

A reminder that full school uniform should be worn every day and only plain black footwear is permitted as part of this uniform policy. We would ask that all pupils comply with this and if any family is in need of support, they contact the appropriate Year Head.  We have a small stock of uniform items to lend if pupils happen to forget an item of clothing such as their tie.  School uniform very much supports our positive school ethos and helps maintain high standards. We are very grateful for your support with this.

Extra-Curricular Clubs and Activities

We are delighted to announce that extra-curricular clubs and activities will start on Monday 27 September. All pupils will receive a paper copy of the programme and we strongly advise that you encourage your child to participate. Please click on the link: https://www.holyroodrchighschool.co.uk/?p=47885

The S1-3 Study Club will be starting again on Tuesday 28 September from 3.30-4.30pm.  This club runs every Tuesday in the Library.  It is open to all S1-3 pupils and is an opportunity for them to complete homework in a quiet environment with teacher support if needed.  Bus tokens are provided for those who normally travel by school bus and a drink and snack are available.

We know from previous experience that pupils who engage with these opportunities for wider achievement find this a very worthwhile way of spending their time and can develop new interests as well as make new friendships. A huge thank you to our dedicated staff who are offering these activities in their own time

Maths Week Scotland – Sumdog Competition

All S1- S3 pupils have been provided with a sumdog login.  As part of Maths Week Scotland, we challenge our pupils to participate in the sumdog competition. We hope as many pupils as possible will compete.  We look forward to rewarding pupil success thanks to the sponsorship provided by the law firm Allan McDougall Solicitors (twitter @Allan_McDougall)

Parent/Carer Consultation We were delighted that 526 parents completed the survey on Parents’ Meetings, Reporting and Information Evenings.  As many parents/carers have more than one child at the school, this represents a large proportion of our school community. Thank you so much for sharing your views with us and this will help inform our planning to best suit your needs.  We intend to pilot some changes for session 2021-22 based on parental and staff feedback and review thereafter.

A huge thank you to all respondents of the survey

Start time of Parents’ Meetings

Just under 50% of parents preferred 5.00pm. Most staff preferred 4.00pm or 4.30pm.

  • The start time will be 4.30pm this session and will be reviewed thereafter.

Format of Parents’ Meetings

The majority of parents preferred in school meetings.  50% of the staff preferred virtual meetings,50% preferred in school/hybrid. 

  • Due to the current Government Guidelines, the meetings before Christmas (S4, S3 and S5/6) will be virtual unless there are any changes.  The S4 Parents’ Meeting on Wednesday              13October will be a virtual meeting.  The format of Parents’ Meetings after Christmas will be decided at a later date to reflect any update in the guidelines.

S1 and S2 Parents’ Meetings

Parents and staff would prefer subject teacher meetings.

  • S1 and S2 Parents’ Meetings will be with Subject Teachers this session.
  • In order to reflect the changes to the S1 and S2 Parents’ Meetings and to address the concerns raised about parents being able to be given appointments, it has been agreed that Parents’ Meetings for all year groups will now be extended to 2.5 hours.


Parents were divided almost equally on Reporting preferences. (About two thirds of staff preferred more frequent Interim Reports and one third preferred Interim plus Full Report.)

  • S1-S3 will have 4 Interim Reports this session.
  • S4-6 will have 2 Interim Reports and 1 Full Report this session.

Course Choice Information Evenings (S2 and S4/5 parents only)

  • Holding these Information Evenings in person is subject to restrictions being lifted.

Family Learning

We would like to support our families and hope to provide some sessions in the areas of most interest to you.  The area with most requests from the survey was “how to support your child through exams”.  We hope to run a session for parents and carers on this in the near future.  S4 and S5/6 pupils will be supported in school. We will endeavour to meet your needs as best we can and so look out for more information throughout the session.

Date for your diary

S4 Parents’ Meeting – Wednesday 13 October 4.30pm – 6.30pm

With the current restrictions in place, this will be a virtual meeting.  Full joining instructions will be issued in due course.

Face Coverings

Please continue to remind your child of bringing a face covering to school every day.  We are giving out a large number each day and this is not sustainable.  Pupils must wear a face covering in class and in all social areas, including corridors (unless exempt).   We remind everyone of ‘FACTS’:

  •  Coverings
  •  Crowded Places
  •  Your Hands Regularly
  •  Metre Distance
  •  /book a test if you have symptoms

LFD Testing

We recommend that pupils participate in Lateral Flow Testing twice weekly.  This is offered to all pupils during school hours:
S5/6 Mondays                         S1, S2, S4 Tuesdays               S3 Wednesdays

If your child is under the age of 16, you must complete a Consent Form and send into school with your child.

KIC Annual/Video-Photographic Forms

A reminder to please return all KIC annual and video/photographic forms as soon as possible.

Safe Parking

Parents and carers are reminded to park safely and avoid pick up and drop off from the school car park.

Please follow our school Twitter account for further updates @HolyRoodRCHigh

Best wishes

Joan Daly