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Dear Parents/Carers

Welcome Back

It has been great to welcome all our pupils back to school and we are very pleased to have everyone together again as a school community. Our staff have worked hard to support pupils to make this a smooth return to in person learning. I am so proud of our pupils for the way in which they have engaged during this first week back.

S4-6 Assemblies and Assessments

We have met with S4 and S5/6 pupils at Assemblies this week in order to make sure that everyone feels fully supported during the forthcoming assessments which begin on Monday 26 April. All pupils who are entitled to an Alternative Assessment Arrangement have received a personalised schedule with any adaptation clearly noted. Please follow the link for the generic schedule https://bit.ly/3frrsVC We thank our parents and carers for all you are doing to support at home and wish our pupils every success.

Lateral Flow Tests

All pupils have been offered and are encouraged to undertake lateral flow tests twice weekly. Parental consent must be given if your child is under 16.

Health and Safety

Any pupil who is showing symptoms of Covid-19 will be asked by staff to report to Welfare immediately. He/she will be accommodated in our isolation room until pick up can be arranged or parent/carer gives permission to send child home.

• Any pupil in this position will then need to follow Scottish Government Test & Protect guidelines before he/she can return to school.

• Isolate

• Arrange to be tested

• Continue to isolate until test results available

• Follow direction from health professionals if he/she tests positive. (The family would be contacted by their local health authority as part of Test & Protect).

• Inform the school of the outcome of their test. This is vital before the child returns to school and we would ask that this result is emailed to us at admin@holyrood.edin.sch.uk

The Term Ahead

As we return to school, we acknowledge the positive progress made during the period of remote and blended learning. Our key priorities remain unchanged – learning and teaching, equity and inclusion, health and safety and health and wellbeing. Our main priority is ensuring that all our pupils are fully supported to get back on track and make progress in their learning. We ask that you support us by working alongside us, you can help us by:

· Encouraging your child to speak about his/her day

· Asking if your child has any homework

· Providing a quiet space for him/her to engage in any school work/tasks

· Working alongside us and sharing any important information which will help support your child with his/her learning

Our core principles and school values unite us as a community striving to make sure we achieve the best possible outcomes for our young people.


Last week marked the beginning of Ramadan. In Holy Rood we have many Muslim pupils and some staff who are fasting over this 30 day period. We are supporting pupils at this time by making the Oratory available as a quiet place to go to during lunch time for prayer and reflection. Mrs Naseem (School Support Assistant) and RE staff have very kindly offered to support the pupils. We are thinking of those who are fasting and keep them in our own prayers during these warm spring days.

Our School Environment

As we welcomed our pupils back, we have reminded pupils about the importance of respecting the school and local environment. This includes putting litter in bins. A reminder that fizzy drinks and chewing gum are not permitted in our school. S1 pupils must remain on the school campus at break and lunch time.

School Car Park

Thank you for your ongoing cooperation in not dropping off or picking up from our school car park. The service area should not be used as a drop off point. We politely request that you park in the local residential streets if you need to pick up or drop off your child and we would encourage pupils to cycle or walk to school whenever this is possible.

Please contact your child’s Year Head if you have any questions/concerns Admin@Holyrood.edin.sch.uk

Wishing all our families a good weekend ahead.

Your sincerely

Joan Daly
Head Teacher