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The files below outline the 2021 Assessment Schedules for S4 and S5 and S6.
There is also a file that offers advice on supporting our young people in their Assessments.

The final document below is a Skills guide

There is also a Frequently Asked Questions section below the document downloads.

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Head Teacher’s letter on the 2021 Assessment Schedule
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Additional Parent/Carer Information for S4-S6 Assessments

S4 Assessment Schedule 2021
S5 and S6 Assessment Schedule 2021
Supporting your child
Study Skills Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that pupils, parents and carers may have a range of questions relating to the changes in SQA exam arrangements this year. We have provided answers to the most common questions asked so far with information from Edinburgh Learns “Guidance on the Alternative Certification Model” and school-based information. Please note that this document will be updated as any new updates are issued. Please contact us if we can provide further assistance.

What does the Alternative Certification Model (ACM) mean?

This year teachers will use the assessments you have completed as evidence to decide what your results should be.  This is referred to as using demonstrated attainment. This will be supported by a robust set of checks (quality assurance) carried out by the school, The City of Edinburgh Council and SQA.  Only after all of this has taken place will the provisional results be finalised.

How will teachers gather assessment evidence when pupils are in school?

This year teachers will use the assessments you have done as evidence to decide what your results should be. This is referred to as using demonstrated attainment. The school will make you aware of the assessments which will be used as evidence of demonstrated attainment and when the assessments will take place. The SQA has published subject-specific guidance to advise teachers on the types of evidence that can be used to determine a provisional result. This can be found here.

Which assessments will I sit?

Assessments are arranged by column. To find out when your assessments are, you should check the S4-6 Assessment Schedule. If you are unsure, it is best to check with your teacher or on the class Team for that subject.

Where can I get advice to help me prepare for my assessments?

Your teachers will continue to help you prepare for assessments in class and will give you advice on what to revise. Speak to your teacher or contact him/her via TEAMS if you are unsure.

How will I be supported if I have an Additional Support Need? 

If you have an additional support need and have been identified as needing an Alternative Assessment Arrangement (AAA), these will be in place for each assessment.  If you have any questions or concerns about the AAA process, you should speak to Mrs Duffy, Support for Learning Leader.

Will there be Study Leave?

No. You will continue with your timetable next term and you will be supported in class throughout the Assessment Schedule and will have the opportunity to get feedback and advice from your teachers to inform your next steps in learning.

When will I be told how I have performed in assessments/my provisional result?

Each assessment will be marked against the standard set out by the SQA.  All assessments are subject to moderation and quality assurance throughout May and June, therefore specific marks and grades will not be shared until the end of the Assessment Schedule when this process has been completed. Provisional results are likely to be shared with pupils during the last week of term.

Why is quality assurance necessary?

Quality assurance is about fairness for you.  A robust system of checks (quality assurance) is being put in place to make sure that a National 5/Higher/Advanced Higher awarded is fair no matter where you go to school in Scotland.

How will the quality assurance model work in session 2020-21?

Each school will use SQA guidance and assessment materials to help gather your evidence.  This includes ensuring in advance that the assessments used are valid, reliable, practicable and fair.  Your school and local authority will check your assessment evidence. This evidence will be quality assured through a robust process at subject, whole school, local authority and national level.

If an assessment doesn’t go well, can I resit it?

No. Just like the SQA exams, there are no resits of these assessments as they are designed to be final in order to ensure all candidates have the same opportunity to demonstrate their learning. As the   weighting of each assessment in relation to the provisional grade varies, you should ask your teacher for further information.

Are there any rules for me to follow during this Assessment Schedule?

Yes. You will be issued with a Code of Conduct when we return to school after the Easter holiday. Any breach of the integrity or security or safety of the assessment will be treated very seriously.

What happens if I am unwell (or if have to self-isolate) on the day of an assessment?

If you are unable to attend school for an assessment you will be given another opportunity to sit the assessment at a later date.  A medical certificate should be provided. Your teacher will liaise with the Curricular Leader/Year Head to put a plan in place for you to sit the assessment.

When can I leave school this year?

The school leaving date will be Friday 11 June for all eligible pupils. If you are in S4 or S5 and intend leaving school, you must ensure you speak to your Year Head at the earliest opportunity. The new timetable is likely to start on Monday 14 June.

If I need further support, what should I do?

You should speak to your teachers if your concern is subject specific. If you are worried about any aspect of your studies, arrange to speak to your Year Head. If you have a Mentor, you can contact this person directly or if you feel you require support via Chaplaincy or one of our Counsellors, get in touch with your Year Head.

When will I receive my results?

You will receive your SQA results on Tuesday 10 August 2021.

Further information about the Alternative Certification Model:-https://www.sqa.org.uk/sqa/files_ccc/NQ-2021-what-you-need-to-know.pdf