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Dear Parents /Carers

On Wednesday 24 February 2021, Holy Rood RC High School’s Report into the Investigation of Alleged Racist Behaviours was published by City of Edinburgh Council. A number of schools were investigated, and an overarching Council Report has also been issued.

Holy Rood’s Report contained identified actions which we will look to implement throughout this session and into next session.

In Holy Rood, we are committed to do our very best for our young people. We must focus on how we can move forward as an inclusive school community, identifying what lessons can be learned. We must ensure that the identified actions from the report are embedded in our Equalities Action Plan for 2020/2021 and beyond.

We continue to recognise, respect and celebrate the religious, cultural and social diversity within the Holy Rood community. We are committed to promoting equality and strive to achieve this through our school values and ethos. Our school treats allegations of racism very seriously and in line with the authority’s Equalities Policy.

It is important to highlight to you that we, as a whole school, pupils and staff have been working hard to ensure that Equalities is a priority since our return in August 2020. There will be a detailed update provided for the Parent Council at the next planned meeting in March. Following this meeting, we will share with all parents and carers how we have made progress in the area of Equalities since the start of the academic session and future areas for development.

Before the Easter break, we intend to hold a virtual meeting of our Equalities Committee. We must ensure that all our pupils understand both the implications of this report for us as a school and how pupils can help effect meaningful and lasting change in Holy Rood.

Please be reassured that our staff remain committed to ensure that each pupil is nurtured, valued and included. We value the God given talents and dignity of each individual in our school community.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for further information. We very much appreciate your ongoing support.

Your sincerely

Joan Daly
Head Teacher