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Dear Parents and Carers 

I hope you all had an enjoyable and restful February break. 

As we return to remote learning for most pupils, we were delighted to hear the news confirmed that from next week, our senior pupils will now be able to return to school complete essential practical work related to SQA qualifications in 2021.
S4, S5 and S6 parents have received detailed information about this via email. 

Thank you for taking the time to complete our parent/carer survey on remote learning. We are currently collating the responses and will feed back to you in due course 

Pupil Engagement 
We are very grateful for all you are doing to encourage your child to complete tasks and assignments as well as engage in the live inputs at this time. If there are issues we need to be aware of, please contact the appropriate Year Head. 

S2 Review of Learning Presentation 
Our digital presentation for parents and pupils will go live on Tuesday 23 February along with the Course Information Booklet and Option Choice Form. We will send an updated link for S2 parents to access next week. 

S4/5 Course Choice Presentation 
Our digital presentation to support you and your child through the course choice process is now available on our website along with the Course Information Booklet and final course choice form. Click on this link 

S4 Parents’ Meeting 
The S4 Parents’ Meeting will take place on Tuesday 23 February. Parent booking is now live and full instructions have been emailed. Teachers look forward to meeting with you then. 

S5/6 Parents – LEAPS Information 
Lothians Equal Access Programme for Schools (LEAPS) is a widening participation programme which aims to encourage and advise students who are traditionally under-represented in higher education. LEAPS have made presentations available to introduce LEAPS, explain what they do, who is eligible and outline the support they offer to LEAPS-eligible students who are aiming for higher education at college or university. 

You can find the presentations on the LEAPS website at: www.leapsonline.org/what-leaps-presentation 

This week, Ash Wednesday marked the beginning of Lent, which is a season of preparation, anticipation and waiting for the coming Easter celebration. Lent encourages us to undergo a change of heart. It is a time of forgiveness, a time of giving for others, as we fast, give alms and pray more throughout. Through prayer we reflect on our lives in relation to the life of Christ and we join with so many across the world in prayer for a better, safer world and a more loving world which reflects where each one of us may live happy and joyful in our lives. 

Lent Fundraising 
This year our chosen charity for school fundraising will be SCIAF (Scottish Catholic International Aid Fund). Although this year we find ourselves in very different circumstances to previous years there are still lots of WEEBOX activities we can get involved in to help raise awareness and support the chosen SCIAF partner this year in Southern Sudan where children with disabilities are locked out of education trapped in a cycle of poverty, unable to improve even their basic conditions. 
All monies raised during Lent can be collected up until the 11th May and will be match aided by the Government, meaning all our money will be doubled, fantastic news. 
We do recognise that fund raising will be a challenge for some in our school community, everyone’s circumstances are different and a welcome alternative to fundraising would be to remember the struggles of others in your daily thoughts and prayers throughout Lent. More on this in the weeks to come. 

Keeping in Touch For general enquiries, please e-mail admin@holyrood.edin.sch.uk. Follow our twitter feed for regular updates @HolyRoodRCHigh 

Year Heads can be contacted as follows:

Kind regards, 
Joan Daly 
Head Teacher