0131 661 5871

You are invited to make appointments for the school’s next Parent-Teacher Meeting. This meeting will be booked online, and then held by virtual meeting rather than in-person at the school.

The S4 Parent-Teacher meeting is on Tuesday 23 February, 4.30pm-6.30pm.

To make your appointments please login at: https://parents-booking.co.uk/holyroodedinburgh
Please note you need to type this address into your website browser’s web address bar.  Try not to ‘google’ search the website address as it will not be available this way.

To login you will need to enter:

  • Your first name and surname
  • Your child’s first name, surname and date of birth

The login details you enter MUST match those we have on record for you.

This pdf below offers further detailed instructions

Appointments will be available to book from 6.30pm on Wednesday 17 February until 6.30pm on Monday 22 February.  Each appointment will be 5 minutes.  Please note that the software will disconnect you at the end of your 5 minute slot and then automatically connect you to your next appointment.

On the day of your appointments, you need to login at the website address above 15mins before your appointments are due to begin. You will then join the video meeting room, where you can wait for your appointment(s).  After you have made your appointments you can choose to print or e-mail a confirmation.

If you are unable to connect with a teacher on the night, where possible, some teachers may try to telephone you at your allocated time. Please ensure that you have updated the school if you have a new mobile number.

Internet Browser Compatibility:

You must use one of the devices below and internet browser combinations for the video meeting technology to work:

  • Apple iPhone/iPad (iOS 11+): Safari
  • Android phone/tablet: Chrome or Firefox
  • Linux computer: Chrome or Firefox
  • Microsoft Surface: Chrome or Firefox
  • Mac computer: Safari, Chrome or Firefox
  • Windows computer: Chrome, Firefox or Edge (Chromium)

Troubleshooting Tips

  • If you cannot login, please contact the school office (661 5871).
  • The email address field entered is only used to send your appointment confirmation.  If you have problems logging in, it will not be because of the e-mail address you entered. Experience tells us, that the most likely problem, is the name we have on record for you, does not match the information you are using to login.

If you are unable to book at home, please contact the school office for help.

Yours sincerely

M Connelly