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Dear Parents and Carers  

I hope you are all safe and well and that the second week of remote learning has gone well. 

In the past week, the Scottish Government has announced remote learning will continue until mid-February and that it is their aim to restore face to face learning as soon as it is safe to do so. The Government will review this on 2 February. We appreciate that this is a challenging time for many pupils and their families and we are seeking to make phone calls to support our families as best we can at this time. If you feel that you would like a member of staff to make a call, please complete the form and a member of school staff will get back to you in due course.

We are pleased to let you know that we have created a one-stop shop Remote Learning Guide to support pupils, parents and carers with all aspects on remote learning. Click on this link.

In this Guide, we have provided information regarding our expectations, how to access work, live teaching inputs, responsible behaviour online, pupil attendance and engagement, health and wellbeing, support during school closure and useful links and resources. We hope you find the Guide helpful in this format. 

After the second week of remote learning, it is heartening to receive so much positive feedback from pupils, parents and teachers. Our teachers are working extremely hard to ensure that all pupils have access to meaningful learning activities and we ask you to remember that the majority of our teachers are working at home, many juggling the demands of their own families. 

Below is a brief update on live teaching from next week onwards. 

Live Teaching 
A reminder that a live teaching input may be an introduction, a recorded voice over, PowerPoint, explanation, feedback session or check-in. Lessons/topics can be presented by one or more teachers (not necessarily the class teacher). Please bear with us as we adapt to this new way of working. 

S1 and S2 Pupils  
In order to make it easier for S1 and S2 pupils to manage their time, we are offering scheduled live inputs for English, Maths, Social Subjects, Modern Languages and Science. Live inputs for other curricular subjects will be offered on a week 1 week 2 basis. We are not aiming to replicate the school day, but wish to give pupils some structure so that they can complete approx. 3 – 4 hours work per day.  

Wk 1 (wk beg 25/01) – Art, Music, Drama, PE, RE 

Wk 2 (wk beg 01/02) – IT, DET, FTT, PE, core PE 

To support pupils and parents, please see the planned live inputs for S1 and S2 pupils (attached). This does not always mean that the teacher will be there in person, but there will be some form of live recording for pupils to access. In many cases the recorded live input will be there at the start of the week should the pupils wish to access this earlier than the allocated time. Pupils should continue to check each Team every day. 

S3 Pupils  
For S3 pupils, it is anticipated that there will be at least one scheduled live input per curricular subject per week. Pupils should continue check each Team every day. 

S4-6 Pupils  
We have been impressed with the way in which our senior pupils have adapted to remote learning and many are making positive steps to engage with their teachers. It is very important that our young people are continuing with their learning at home at this time. 

Pupil Engagement 
We are closely monitoring pupil engagement so that all pupils are able to make progress at this time. We are making supportive phone calls if we feel that any pupil has not been able to engage in their learning as we would expect. Please can we ask you to encourage your son/daughter to complete tasks and assignments as well as engage in the live inputs provided. 

S2 Parents’ Meeting 
Despite a few minor glitches with technology at the start of the evening, we are hearing positive reports regarding the S2 Parents’ Meeting which took place yesterday. We will be issuing a survey to collate parents/carers responses more formally and so that we can take account of any suggested improvements  

S4 Reports  
S4 Reports will be issued to parents next week 

College Applications – S4-6 Pupils 
A reminder to all those pupils who are planning on leaving school this year to contact Karla Hart and make her aware so she can offer support. College applications open on the 1st of February. This Guide has been emailed to pupils. 

UCAS – S6 Pupils 
A reminder to those pupils who have yet to submit their application to Mr Scott that the deadline is fast approaching (pupils have been emailed individually). Universities will not usually give offers until after the deadline (29th of January), but if pupils have applied for a competitive course then they may already have an offer.  

S4-6 Parents/Carers Helpful Resources 

Health and Wellbeing 
Mental Health Support is available from our School Counsellors, Miriam and Sally – they can do 1-1 sessions via phone, email or Teams. Parents are asked to get in touch with the appropriate Year Head if they wish their child to access this support. 

It is really important that pupils have regular breaks and try not to spend the entire day behind a screen. The P.E. Faculty have set up a challenge for pupils and staff on Strava to encourage all of us to stay healthy and active. All information is found here:- https://sway.office.com/CDkvdDbQtyHdd0jC?ref=Link 

Keeping in Touch 
A reminder that if you have a general enquiry, please send an e-mail to admin@holyrood.edin.sch.uk or contact the appropriate Year Head if you have any questions related to learning or health and wellbeing during this period of remote learning. Please follow our twitter feed for regular updates @HolyRoodRCHigh 

S1 – Mrs McIntosh year1head@holyrood.edin.sch.uk 

S2 – Mr Kiernan year2head@holyrood.edin.sch.uk 

S3 – Mr Lindsay year3head@holyrood.edin.sch.uk 

S4 – Mr Campbell year4head@holyrood.edin.sch.uk 

S5/6 – Mr Scott year5head@holyrood.edin.sch.uk  OR 


Kind regards, 
Joan Daly  
Head Teacher