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Dear Parents and Carers

After the first week of remote learning, I am very pleased to report that our teachers are seeing a positive response from pupils as they engage in their learning. We will be monitoring pupil engagement closely and offering support if necessary as it is so important that pupils are trying their best to continue with their learning at home. As we seek to maximise learning and teaching time, S4-6 pupils have been attending live lesson inputs and we intend to offer scheduled live inputs for all pupils over the coming weeks. The scheduled live inputs will begin partially for S1-3 next week and will be in place across the school for all pupils from 25 January. We will issue more specific information for parents and carers next week. It is essential that all pupils check Teams and also access school email on a daily basis. We would ask for your continued support with this.

We recommend that all pupils follow their school timetable to help them structure their day. This should include regular breaks and time away from the screen. Pupils should be ready to begin work for the start of the school day at 8.40am. Please do encourage your child to engage in some of the fun health and wellbeing activities on offer from PE.

If you or your child needs support with accessing learning, please refer to our Online Learning Guide https://www.holyroodrchighschool.co.uk/?page_id=1771

To request support/ clarification with any aspect of remote learning ,please complete the form and a member of school staff will get back to you in due course https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=af6sSGo3tUKfacnke7-5xLWUhCYIxwFNtuWG-wBOxslUQjFaSkM4UkFCVEpUOEUzOUpISlVFS0NNMi4u


The Scottish Government has asked that parents and carers inform school if their child is unable to home learn on a particular day (e.g. due to sickness). Please inform us if your child is unwell by phoning the school on 661 5871.  Parents should inform school on each day that their child is absent from home learning.

Advent Fundraising

As well as the many donations to the local foodbank, our Advent fundraising total donated to the foodbanks was £750, thanks to everyone who supported this worthwhile cause.

School Counsellors

A reminder that Miriam McHardy and Sally Champion (our School Counsellors) are able to conduct phone appointments for pupils at specific times.  If you wish to refer your child for counselling, please contact the Year Head in the first instance and we will endeavour to put this additional support in place.

S2 Parents’ Meeting

We look forward to meeting virtually with S2 parents and carers on Thursday 21 January 2021 from 4.30pm – 6.30pm.  Full information, including instructions on how to book appointments, has been emailed.

S4-6 Update

The National Qualifications Group has issued an update for parents and carers regarding the National Qualifications in 2021. The statement is available via the following link  bit.ly/3qeaH2w

Online Safety

Please find attached an Online Safety document which has been produced by Scotland Safer Communities Cybercrime Harm Prevention Unit.  This contains information for parents and carers to enhance a child or young persons’ safety and security online.  There are links that are very informative and easy to follow, we hope you find this useful.

Keeping in Touch

A reminder that if you have a general enquiry, please send an e-mail to admin@holyrood.edin.sch.uk or contact the appropriate Year Head if you have any questions related to learning or health and wellbeing during this period of remote learning. Please follow our twitter feed for regular updates @HolyRoodRCHigh

S1 – Mrs McIntosh year1head@holyrood.edin.sch.uk

S2 – Mr Kiernan year2head@holyrood.edin.sch.uk

S3 – Mr Lindsay year3head@holyrood.edin.sch.uk

S4 – Mr Campbell year4head@holyrood.edin.sch.uk

S5/6 – Mr Scott year5head@holyrood.edin.sch.uk  OR


Kind regards,
Joan Daly, Head Teacher