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Tutors please read out the sections of this bulletin relevant to your Tutor Group, then continue with the planned Tutor Time Programme.
Many thanks.     Joan Daly

S1 – S6 Pupils
Charity CD
Could tutors please announce on Monday and let me know if any pupil would like to order a CD.  I will get them burned for tutor time on Wednesday – Thank you!
Below is a list of the tracks 😊

Charity CD

  1. Take Flight – Nathan Constantino (Violin)
  2. Fly me to the Moon – Calum Fielding (Guitar) & Cynric Acosta (Guitar)
  3. Imagine – S3 Class
  4. Last Christmas – Higher Class – Matteo Maiello (Guitar), Kacper Abramowicz (Piano), Christopher Airey (Drum Kit), Nathan Constantino (Violin)
  5. Arrangement of Canon in D – Written and performed by Amadea Daley (Piano)
  6. Heart & Soul piano solo – Cynric Acosta (Piano)
  7. I Giorni piano arrangement – Christian Ludik, Keiko Ogino-Collado & Amadea Daley
  8. River Flows in you on guitar – Calum Fielding
  9. Gorillaz Feel good Inc – Matteo Maiello (Guitar) & Kacper Abramowicz (Piano)
  10. Merry Christmas Everyone – S3 Group – Aris Samerel (Drum Kit), Alby Ajin (Electric Guitar), Rehan Arif (Guitar), Erence Canilao (Guitar) & Onur Ozen (Bass Guitar)

CD cover designed by Sara Dabrowska
S Howgego

S1 -S6 Pupils – Foodbank
Can we ask that you encourage all pupils who are able to bring in a little something for the collection every little helps. Below is a photo of what we have to date.
Please support our chosen Advent Charity
Thanks for your support RE Faculty

S6  Tutors – School Photographs
Please send a pupil to reception during tutor time to collect school photographs. Please return any photographs you have not been able to issue to reception.

V Murdoch