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Tutors please read out the sections of this bulletin relevant to your Tutor Group, then continue with the planned Tutor Time Programme.
Many thanks. Joan Daly

S1 -S6 Pupils – Christmas Style Day
Could all tutor teachers please let the pupils know the coming week brings with it Christmas Jumper Day on Thursday 10th, we are asking pupils to wear a Christmas Jumper to celebrate the occasion. If pupils do not have a jumper, they could dress up a top they do have with some Christmas tinsel to decorate. Can I emphasise it is only their top and not the rest of their uniform as there will be a dress down day on Tuesday 22nd the last day of term.

The S6 Charity Committee will be collecting from the pupils at the front door first thing in the morning where pupils will be asked if they would like to donate £1 for the occasion. This is a whole school endeavour so please give it your full support. All monies raised will go towards our Advent Charity for the Foodbank.

Thank you very kindly as I know everyone will be supportive and encourage the pupils to participate.
RE Faculty

S4/5 Tutor Teachers
Reminder to pupils to return their course choice sheets to reception by Friday 11 December 2020.
C Moore

S2-S6 Tutor Teachers
If you have Awards certificates in your file, please pass them on to the pupil/s this week and next. These are for pupils who missed the mini award ceremonies. We have tried to catch up with them personally but now need your help in getting the certificates to them.

If any pupil is absent this week or next, please return the certificates to Fiona Forbes’ file.