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Fair Trade and Eco School

Holy Rood is a Fair Trade School

We received our Fairtrade status in June 2010

To get the Fairtrade status we had to:
–   Set up a school steering group which consists of parents, teachers and pupils
–   Teach other pupils about Fairtrade through subjects such as Home Economics, Geography, R.M.E and Tutor Time.
–   Organise and run events throughout the year to educate and promote Fairtrade

To get involved in the Fairtrade steering group, please contact Lesley Hind

The term fair-trade has been around for 40 years. The first fair-trade label was released in 1988. The Fair-Trade Labelling Organisations International, or FLO was formed in Bonn , Germany in the year 1997. This was to bring together all the labelling initiatives under one roof and set-up worldwide Standards and Certification.

2002 – FLO begins a new Fair-Trade Certification mark. The purpose of this new launch was to improve the visibility of the mark on the supermarket shelves, facilitate cross border trade and simplify exporting procedures for both producer and exporter.

2004 – FLO splits into two independent organisations: FLO International and FLO-cert. FLO International currently deals with setting fair-trade standards and provides producer business support. FLO-cert currently deals with inspecting and certifying producer’s organisations.

2006 – The fair-trade certification mark harmonization process is still underway. The majority of the independent labelling initiatives (Transfer USA , Transfer Canada and Max HavelaarSwitzerland ) have taken up the new International Fair-Trade Certification Mark. Introducing the new Fair-Trade Certification Mark is happening at different speeds in different countries.
2007 – 21 Labelling initiatives are members of FLO International. New additions include Mexicoand Australia/New Zealand.

What We Do

We run a fair-trade tuck-shop which sells fair-trade produces, we also have a weekly meeting on Monday in which we discuss issues and plan future fair-trade events. Once a term we have a steering group meeting to decide on future events. On parents night we run a tea and coffee stall for parents, pupils and teachers. If you want to get involved in fair-trade at Holy Rood, come along to Miss Hinds Room (R.M.E) at Monday at lunchtime.

The 5 Goals of Fairtrade in Holy Rood

  1. We have set up a Fairtrade school steering group of parents, pupils and teachers
  2. We have written and adopted a whole school Fairtrade policy
  3. We are committed to selling, promoting and using Fairtrade Products
  4. We continue to learn about Fairtrade issues in a range of subjects including Home Economics, Geography, Religious & Moral Education
  5. We promote and take action for Fairtrade

The Fairtrade Foundation can be found here

Eco-Schools is the largest sustainable schools programme in the world and is operated internationally by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE).

It connects 15 million children, young people and educators through sustainable development education and is the biggest learning network in the world.