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With the current situation regarding the Coronavirus (covid-19), we understand that many young people are unsettled by the uncertainty around SQA exams – we will continue to support pupils to prepare as normal and are following national guidance. We have taken steps to ensure that all pupils are aware of online learning resources and are taking resources home with them to support their learning.

  • Congratulations to Mrs Fiona Forbes who has been appointed as Depute Head Teacher and to Mrs Sarah Howgego was has been appointed as Curricular Leader of Expressive Arts. We wish well in her new post.
  • Pupils and staff  have been celebrating Book Week, S1 – S3 pupils have received a £1 book voucher for use at the Scholastic Book Fair in the library. 20 S1 pupils visited Waterstones on World Book Day this year to see an author talk and surround themselves with books. By all accounts a great experience.
  • We have had a focus on Mental Health Awareness in Tutor Time. Pupils have been learning about the differences between having a mental illness and feeling low. Pupils came up with ideas about how being a good friend can help someone feeling down.
  • The focus on this year’s Lenten Charity fundraising is SCIAF. Thank you in advance for all your efforts to raise money for this charity.
  • Spotlight on Learning and Teaching- Our senior pupils completing final assignments and performances. Please keep them in your prayers.
  • S2 pupils are giving careful consideration to their Review of Learning. The final choices are due in on Fri 13 March.
  • The Paolozzi 2019 Prize Winning Photographs, including the art work of our very own Declan Tumblety and former pupil, Cyprian Przybyla, will be showcased on North Bridge, to be enjoyed by thousands every day. The images are now going to production to be printed onto panels and should be installed over the next 2 weeks. We are very proud of their achievements.
  • Congratulations to Ron Sabu in S5 who has been selected to represent our school this summer at Strathclyde University’s Scottish Space School.
  • We wish the 61 S4-6 pupils participating in the Maths Study Weekend in Aberfoyle this weekend a successful time.