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Here is the update of recent events/news from Holy Rood, your Cluster Secondary School.

  • A slightly reduced entry this week, this reflects the fact that it’s an exceptionally busy time with senior pupils completing final assignments and performances. Please keep them in your prayers.
  • Pupils and staff  have been celebrating Book Week, Tutors of S1 – S3 pupils have received a £1 book voucher for use at the Scholastic Book Fair in the library. 20 S1 pupils visited Waterstones on World Book Day this year (Thursday, 5th March) to see an author talk and surround themselves with books. By all accounts a great experience.
  • This week in Tutor Time, our focus has been on Mental Health Awareness. Pupils have been learning about the differences between having a mental illness and feeling low. Pupils came up with ideas about how being a good friend can help someone feeling down.
  • The focus on this year’s Lenten Charity fundraising is SCIAF. Thank you in advance for all your efforts to raise money for this charity.
  • Spotlight on Learning and Teaching- S4 pupils are in the final stages of folio writing for National 5. You might be interested to know that they write two pieces, one of which is persuasive. Pupils have selected and researched their own topics and write in a persuasive way to convince their readers to change their minds, see things differently  or just think about something they hadn’t considered. We have topics from almost all facets of life and the school curriculum – sport, health, politics, social and moral issues, religion, science etc. We get many unusual and interesting topics. This year a couple of highlights are a debate about the use of dogs in law enforcement and a look at the ethics of wildlife photography.
  • S2 pupils are giving careful consideration to their Review of Learning. The final choices are due in on Fri 13 March.

Coming up soon…

S6 Stay Awake – 19th March, S1 Sponsored Silence – Mon 30 March, S2 Sponsored Silence – Wed 1 April – events to raise money for our Lenten charity

Maths Study Weekend – Aberfoyle (S4-6 pupils)13-15 March

Expressive Arts Showcase – 31 March – 6pm all very welcome.

S6 Leavers’ Ceremony & Mass– Fri 3 April – 10am – 12pm

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